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About Us

Designed for women who love their freedom.
With an athleisure mindset, we've combined high-quality technical fabrics with intentional design — 
to make sure that all of our pieces are:


We design professional and polished workwear for the modern busy woman. Our silhouettes are sleek and versatile - inspired by the independent woman who is both active and authentic, who chooses her clothes to fit her life and not what is in trend. Bringing effortless versatility to let you mix-and-match, making it the perfect wardrobe essential.


Our blend of high-quality technical fabrics is what makes As Intended so special. Incredibly stretchy and luxuriously soft fabrics that not only pampers your skin but also giving you all-day dry comfort with it's breathability and moisture-wicking properties. To top it off, we’ve also incorporated smart pockets for some of our pieces that blend seamlessly into the silhouettes, giving you options that you’ve never seen before in such styles. Not forgetting easy-care, making it machine washable so that you can spend lesser time at the laundry, and more time pursuing the things that matter.